Václav Řezáč

Glass artist Václav Řezáč builds a relationship in his works between precision and chance — proving that discipline does not negate serendipity, and this in itself can be a way to tune in to the world around us. Uniting two distinct techniques, his works combine the vitality of hot glass with the cool precision of cast glass into a mold. For Řezáč, glass is a material of both chance mutations and precisely calculated processes; both hot and cold; both molten and solid. His works oscillate between fluid and fixed states, trying to make tangible what would otherwise remain immaterial.

In addition to fine art creation from glass, Řezáč also designs drinking glassware, such as the ExCLUSIVE 5cl drinking glass, which he produced in collaboration with Banasglass.

Since 2020 he has been teaching at the Department of Design at the Technical University of Liberec.

Website: www.vaclavrezac.art

E-mail: rezac@vaclavrezac.art

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