Banas Glass

is a family-owned company specializing in the production and processing of glass with the widest range of color shades of lead-free glass for kiln-cast sculptures. We offer our customers over 100 different color variants, which, with a few exceptions are compatible and combinable together. We are also engaged in production in casting and pressing, blowing, and shaping glass. Currently we are also working on the development of our own design glass products.
By purchasing our hand-crafted glass, you will be supporting the glass industry in the Czech Republic, which was recently added to the UNESCO list.

Our Team

Lenka Čechlovská

Administrative, Sales

Rudolf Baňas


Roman Baňas



Fused plastic is a form of artistic glassmaking that developed in the sixties in the northern Czech region.
The most significant pioneers of this art are the world-famous duo LIBENSKÝ – BRYCHTOVÁ, artists who worked, among other places, at the Glass School in Železný Brod.
The founder and owner of the company, RUDOLF BAŇAS, also studied here.

After his studies, he gained experience in various areas of glass production, which later helped him in establishing and developing the company.
After almost a year of preparations, the production of fused glass blocks and subsequent manual casting of lead-free glass blocks began in February 2002.
His three sons, Patrik, Roman, and later the youngest David, also contributed to the working process and the gradual building of the operation together with Ruda Baňas.

Technological development of the company is also credited to Ing. RADKO PŘIBÍK, one of the world’s leading experts in glass technology.
His knowledge from working at the Glass Research Institute helped shape our procedures, especially in the first years of our existence.
The precise quality of our glass allowed artists to create even large and compact works weighing up to 1200 kg per piece of glass.

In 2012, we also developed low-expansion glass, the so-called EX glass, suitable especially for exterior installations of glass objects.
The production of objects from this exterior EX glass was previously carried out by the Lhotský company, which, thanks to long-term cooperation and involvement in the development of our glasses, had exclusivity for processing EX glass.
After a sufficiently long verification period, you can order and process this special exterior EX glass from 2021.

In 2022, despite all the challenges that needed to be addressed in recent years, company celebrated its 20 years of operation and organized the first Visitors Day.
Visitors had the opportunity to see the production, learn about the beauty of glass art, and see various forms of glass processing, blown glass into various types of molds, glass hand-shaped by a glassmaster, glass casting, and more.

This occasion gave rise to a new way of processing fused kiln-cast in combination with the cast glass of the author and Czech artist Vašek Řezáč, a teacher at the Glass School in Železný Brod, who also works, among other places, at the (Japanese University of Art).
In 2023, traditional Czech hand glassmaking became a UNESCO-listed monument, and despite the ongoing energy crisis and significantly higher energy prices, we continue to offer the highest quality glass for kiln-cast sculptures at the lowest prices on the market.

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